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The Benefits of Online Therapy

It’s fair to say we are all struggling with recent world events and the changes that this has meant for our emotional and psychological wellbeing. Now more than ever it might be a time to consider accessing some emotional support to help you through.

Social isolating does not mean that you cannot access the support you need. We are in a fortunate position with the advancement of technology that not being able to see a therapist face to face should not be an obstacle in our path to receiving care.

Online therapy can help you to manage anxious or negative feelings from the comfort of your own home. There are no worries about travelling to or from an unknown venue, and no anxiety about time constraints.

I work hard to make your online therapeutic experience as comfortable and meaningful as it would be if we were in the same room. Video-conferencing or telephone platforms allow us to develop a good rapport and make you feel at ease.

Whether you are wanting some short term intervention to help manage feelings around the current pandemic or more longer term work please get in touch and we can discuss your needs and most appropriate medium for you.



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